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Extend the life of your pool and equipment

Keep your pool cleaned easily and efficiently with a saltwater pool. Saltwater pools, or chlorine generators, produce a small amount of salt chlorine constantly, leaving a residual that prevents the growth of algae.

Schedule your FREE estimate on a saltwater system conversion today.

Swim in safety and comfort

Avoid storing and handling harmful chemicals and let Bob's Swimming Pool Service & Repair Inc. install a saltwater system. These systems remove the more harmful aspects of traditional chlorine, keeping you and your family safe.

You'll wish you converted to saltwater sooner

• No more noxious odors

• No more stinging eyes

• No more irritated skin

• No more storing toxic chemicals

Put an end to the painful, stinging sensation caused by chlorine with a saltwater pool system from Bob's Swimming Pool Service & Repair Inc.

Are you tired of red eyes and itchy skin?

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